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I tried on everything we have in stock and took notes.  Please keep in mind, I am tall (5'10") and a true Medium (size 14).  I need room in the belly but am pretty well proportioned in the bum, hip and thigh area.   I wear my FLAX as it is truly intended, nice and roomy.  I often size up in the handkerchief weight fabrics and pants that run a bit smaller than my Floods.  I hope this will be helpful but please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!


*All FLAX pants have what I consider long rises but some are longer than others.


Ankle Deep - A fresh new take on an old favorite! The Ankle Deep pants feature a slim leg, 3/4 elastic waistband with flat front, two pockets, and a banded hem detail. They have a long rise. Available in 4 exclusive 100% linen yarn dyes only!

Ankle Pant - Medium rise, wider in the thigh and then tapers.  Same length as Floods (a few inches above the ankle) with side slits at the hem. It has a partially elastic waist that wraps around the hips with a flat band in the front.  This style does NOT have pockets.

Audrey Pant - This fashion forward pant has a high waist and slim, tapered legs. The full flat front and elastic waist allows for comfort with a flattering look. This style has side seam pockets.

Bedskirt Bloomers - Long rise, shorter than Floods and not quite as full in the hip, bum and leg but close!  This style has a fully elastic waist and does not have pockets.  The subtle ruffle at the bottom is playful but not fussy.  These are Handkerchief weight and I always recommend wearing them roomier both for comfort and to prolong the life of the pants.

Box'd Down - Everyone needs a pair! They are the quintessential pajama pant that doubles as streetwear. Just like many of FLAX's pants it is roomy through the hip with a long rise and a full elastic waist. It is a full length pant with a single button "fly" and no pockets.

Button Fly Pant - This is a brand new shape for Flax which features a button-down fly closure, straight leg with a side seam. This style does have pockets.

Complete Pant - Looking for a pair of pants that's both dressy and comfortable? The Complete Pant is it! Available in 8 gorgeous neutrals, they're great for day or night looks. The pants come with a partial elastic waistband, a thick, flat front, and side seam pockets. They are full length and available in mediumweight or handkerchief weight.

Crop Pant - This style features a flat front, elastic back, deep pockets and cropped length.

Cropped Pant - Fun and stylish, this is a great throw on and go style!  With an updated elastic in the waist since last time FLAX offered this collection, they'll stay put and lay flat over the tummy.  A fun length that will work for anyone, this pant is so comfy you'll never want to take them off. 

Dock Pant - This cropped length pant has a flat front and back with elastic sides. It is a straight leg with a single back pocket.

Drawstring Floods - This pant features a drawstring waist, two side seam pockets and a length that is the same as the Floods.

Floods - Long rise and roomy everywhere.  Length is a couple of inches above the ankle but can be worn on hips, natural waist or anywhere in between.  The have (2) side seam pockets and there is a reason they are offered in almost every collection, year after year.  This is the pant we measure all other FLAX pants by.  *Just a special note, Floods in heavy weight are a great investment in my opinion.  Comfy and roomy and in a Homespun linen or Suiting wool blend are great for travel and something everyone should have at least one of in their wardrobe. 

Fresh Pant - This full length pant has a very similar fit to the Playful Pant but with two detailed side pockets. It has a full flat front with a long rise and still roomy through the hips.

Gathered Crop - This cropped style h as a thin, full elastic waist and an elasticized back hem. We like to pull the pant leg up to rest on top of our calf muscles for a "scrunched up" look. 

Hepburn Pant - This pant has a slim fit through the thigh, with a flare at the ankles. Waist, hips, and length are the same as the Pocketed Social Pant. Flat front, with elastic on the side and back. NO pockets.

Joggers - This pant has a wide elastic waist band that is mimicked around the cuff so you may wear them ankle length or scrunched up over your calf. With plenty of room through the bum and hip, the Joggers have the comfort and ease of a linen version of your favorite sweat pant.

Katherine’s Pant - This flattering, full length pant has a full flat front that folds over the side into a double button closure creating a single pocket. For a comfortable fit, the back is elastic and the leg is wide.

Pedal Cargos - Waist and hips the same as the Picnic Pant. Flat front, elastic back with four pockets. New length should hit just below the knee when worn long. Can be cuffed to be worn above the knee.

Picnic Pant - This pant features a drawstring waist, two side seam pockets and full length wide-legged style. Meant to have a loose comfortable fit.

Playful Pant - This new pant is the Picnic Pant just without the drawstrings. The pant has a shorter rise (front and back) than the Floods, with roominess through the hips, a flat front and two side pockets.

Pocketed Slims - Still a full bum, full hip and long rise as other FLAX pants but with a slimmer leg and flat front on the otherwise elastic waist band. This style is very similar to the Pocketed Social Pant but without the slits at the hem.

Pocketed Social Pant - A slim leg style and favorite year and year again, this pant has a similar fit to the popular Ankle Pant, but with a thin elastic waist band and full length. It has the same slits at the hem, but differs with the addition of pockets! 

Renewed Flood - Has a narrower fit with a shorter rise than the Floods. The drawstring waist has a comfortable knit trim. All around it is a great fitting pant!

Shirttail Flood - Our favorite flood has been refined with a wider shirttail hem. Everything else on this pant is the same as the original Floods. 

Sociable Flood - This sophisticated style has a full flat front, elastic back and wide legs. It also has those great hidden side seam pockets.

Soho Cargo - This cute style has a very comfortable knit trimmed waistline with a drawstring. It is a cropped length with a shorter rise than Floods. Four total pockets create the traditional cargo pant look. 

Streamed Ankle - This pant is a new twist on the favorite Ankle Pant, but with a fun split hem detail on the back. It has a flat front with elastic around the sides through the back.

Tuck Capri - With 3 front seams, a flat front and elastic sides and back, this capri is very flattering on many. It fits like the Ankle Pant but is the length of the Crop Pant. (Small is approximately 30'' long) This style does not have pockets.

Uptown Pant - This pant has a similar fit in the hip as the Urban Crop, but with a fuller hem opening.

Urban Go’s - This cropped pant is a modern take on a cargo pant with a comfortable knit drawstring waist and lots of pockets. It has a shorter rise than the Floods, but the same comfort of all FLAX pants.

Urban Longs - A slimming, full length pant with a narrower hip and leg that look great worn long or rolled up in a wide cuff.

Wide Leg Cropped - Similar fit to the Floods in the hips. Roomy through the leg for a full look. Flat front with elastic in the back. This style does NOT have pockets.