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A word about fabrics...

We want to make shopping with us as easy as possible so here are answers to some questions about fabrics that keep popping up.  We of course love chatting with you all so please feel free to call or email if you ever have questions.  Please keep in mind that in order to keep the general fit the same, some specs will vary when you change fabrics.  With so many options and variables, we do not have exact dimensions on the site but are happy to provide approximations for you if you'd like to contact us with style, fabric and sizes you are interested in.  Prices will sometimes vary depending on the fabric you choose.

Thank you again!


Kate, Lyndsay and Lauren


CARE:  Almost all FLAX is pre-washed and dried.  While it does not shrink, because the fabrics are made of natural fibers, they will change over time. Gauze type textures will tighten up when washed and dried and then stretch.   I have had good luck laying my gauze flat to dry and then throwing in the dryer on low heat to soften up.  Do not be alarmed if your linen garments fill your lint trap.  The amount will decrease after a few washes.  Please follow care instructions on the garment tags sewn into the seams for best results.

Gauze, in general, is a more delicate fabric than the other weights of linen.  It is prone to snags and pulls by its very nature.  Please take this into account when selecting gauze fabrics.  Snags, pulls and yes, even small holes are not considered defects in the fabric.  It is also sheer and often needs to be layered.  When washed, the fibers will tighten up a bit and then regain shape.  It is intended to be worn quite loose and crinkled so please do not wear this in a size that is tight anywhere on your body when you really move around.  It simply is too delicate for that type for wear.  FLAX often removes darts or pockets from styles when offered in a gauze version. 

Handkerchief weight is very lightweight and while not sheer, may require being a bit careful about the color of undergarments.  This fabric also may not hold up the same as heavier weights in those pesky areas of high friction (between thighs or the back of your leg).  We want you to love your FLAX so much that you wear it everyday, but stock up on several pair of your favorite Bloomers or Floods in hanky weight and rotate between them, as these natural fibers cannot withstand high friction and wear the way synthetics fibers do.

All FLAX garments are made in Lithuania, except for the following: Tees and Leggings, Cozy sweaters, In Motion Mesh Tees and French Terry pieces, Urban tees (cotton fabrications) which are all proudly made in the USA.


FLAX 2017:

Neutral Two 2017– Perfect for the transition from summer to fall, Neutral Two introduces two new lightweight linen yarn dyes: Rosewood (a soft brick and mauve combination) and Greystone (a soft grey with cream). Of course it isn't Neutral without our classic shades Black, Cream (off-white) and Natural (taupe) and their handkerchief counterparts (remember Milk is the lighter weight version of Cream).  For added texture in this collection, FLAX offers 4 100% linen gauzes. Rosewood (soft brick with white), Greystone (soft grey and cream), solid Cream, and Tumbleweed (natural and cream). Please note the Gauze will be sheer and see our comments above on how we suggest you wear and care for this fabric.

Traveler 2017– The highlight of Traveler this year is gorgeous 100% linen yarn dyes in perfect fall colors.  Volcano is black and grey threads making a great neutral shade with lots of depth.  Rainforest is made of threads of a bright, yellow based green toned down to a great wearable shade with added black threads. Ocean is teal, black and denim threads for a deep, jewel tone and Red Rock is a bit brighter with coral threads mixed with a brick color for a burnt orange effect with a subtle pink tone.  Each yarn dye has both a soft "Diamond" counterpart which has a subtle diamond pattern and almost quilted feel as well as a "Lace" which is a sheer, soft gauze like fabric with varying weave patterns for a checkered appearance.  Unique this year is the addition of two single blouse styles in bright white to make all the textures of this collection pop!  White Chainstitch has a fine, raised stripe and White is our solid white lightweight linen.

 Sunshine 2017- Always a highlight of the summer, Sunshine is made of 100% linen in lovely solids, Cornflower, Grass, Lily (true white), Noire (black) and Rose.  Offered to mix and match are 3 shades of lightweight linen seersucker and 5 gorgeous tattersalls.  These accent fabrics are more expensive and add loads of texture.  Please note, Tattersall will behave like our gauze fabrics although it does provide a bit more coverage, this fabric is still quite sheer.

Socials 2017- Lovely and lightweight, this collection always delivers for sophisticated styles with accent fabrics for a pop of whimsy or drama!  Socials 2017 offers 4 solids, Caramel, Lipstick (a blue toned red that looks great on most complexions), Onyx (black) and Snow (true white) as well as 3 bold plaids.  The plaids and solids may not be perfect matches but are intended to coordinate together.  This collection is all 100% lightweight linen.

Urban FLAX Summer 2017- Urban FLAX Summer is again a marriage of our favorite lightweight fabrics. Handkerchief weight, crinkled linen is the star with knit trim at the tops of pockets or on the necklines etc. It is accompanied by 100% cotton tees with handkerchief weight accents, rounding out this collection of soft and lightweight styles, perfect for the summer months.  This entire collection is garment dyed, so subtle variations in size and color do occur.

Bold 2017FLAX Bold offers classic options as well as the bright colors we come to expect from FLAX.  All 100% lightweight linen, solid Black, true White, Midnight (navy), Lagoon (teal) and Poppy (Red) are the cores of the collection.  Of course FLAX offers some texture and interest as well with their new "Strias" a very fine two-tone stripe. Ebony Stria has black and white threads, Poppy Stria has red and orange threads, Lagoon Stria has blue and green threads, Viola Stria has magenta and blue threads, Lemongrass Stria has yellow and lime green treads, and Midnight Stria has navy and white threads. 

Tees & Leggings 2017- FLAX 100% slub knit cotton Tees should be a staple in every wardrobe to wear alone, add a pop of color, or additional coverage under your favorite FLAX linen pieces. They are lightweight, soft to the touch and especially great for layering. These great tees are available in Black, White, Flint Stone (light grey toned blue), Iris (medium purple), Sedona Sage (green based grey), Sangria (light maroon), Mediterranean (bright teal), Cayenne Pepper (orange toned red). FLAX leggings are available in two lengths of soft 90% cotton/10% spandex blend that have ample stretch and awesome coverage. The leggings come in Antique White (off white), Blackberry (black based purple), Nine Iron (dark grey), and Black.

Neutral 2017- FLAX Neutrals are always great staples to build a wardrobe around.  Each 100% linen solid color: Black, Cream/Milk (off white), Natural, Coffee (dark brown) and Slate (dark grey toned blue) are available in Medium weight or (as stated in the color name) handkerchief weight.  FLAX Neutral 2017 also offers three yarn dyes (two or three different colored threads) in light weight 100% linen. Dungaree is slate blue and a lighter grey-blue for a stone washed denim inspired look.  Lavender is a pale purple with cream threads. Pheasant has black, brown and natural threads.

Urban 2017- Edgy and urban but still wearable and FLAX-y, this collection features styles that are 100% handkerchief weight crinkled linen with knit trim accents. Offered in Lilac (grey toned lilac), Dune (light golden natural), Petrol (dark grey toned army), and Black.  As well as a 52% Linen/48% Cotton Voile, extra soft knit-like fabric we've seen before, Voile.  These "tees" too will be trimmed in knit of 92% cotton/8% Spandex. Offered in the same colors as well as White.

UnderFLAX 2017- This ultra soft handkerchief weight 100% linen collection is a mix of our repeating FLAX favorites and fun new styles. FLAX offers 5 lovely solid colors: Milk (off white), Bluebell (periwinkle), British Khaki (soft natural), Tomato (dark pink toned red), and Nine Iron (dark grey), as well as a whimsical Tomato Bandana (Red, Floral paisley print) and a sophisticated yarn dye called Endless Stripe (Stripes with all colors from this collection). This line is so versatile it can be worn as street-wear or sleep-wear. 

FLAX 2016:

In Motion 2016- This collection is easy to dress up, but so soft that you will want to wear it everyday. It is especially great for layering. French Terry is 95% Rayon/ 5% Spandex for just the right amount of stretch in a soft, slinky material that is thick enough top provide really good coverage. Mesh is 100% Nylon and completely sheer but, quite stretchy and designed only for layering. Marled Gauze is a 51% linen/ 49% cotton blend that is softer than other FLAX gauzes and almost quilted in texture.

Cozy FLAX 2016-This group of very lightweight sweaters with just a bit of stretch makes its debut just in time to be a great transition piece from summer to fall.  With a wonderful texture with lots of slubs and nubs, you'll want to get both Granite (white, grey and black yarns) as well as the Oatmeal (a neutral color pallet) in your favorite style (or styles!)

Urban Fall 2016- This popular concept is back with a new color and heavier weight of linen- perfect for wearing all fall!  Along with Black, Cement and Dusk, Teal has joined the family as a green-blue that looks great with all the other colors in this edgy collection that is still very FLAXY!

Fall Bold 2016- Sure to be favorite styles from Neutral Two are also offered in bright jewel tones of medium weight linen for those of you who love color!  Lapis is a true, bright, royal blue.  Emerald is a blue toned green.  Ruby is a pinky-toned red and Amethyst while the darkest of the group still adds a nice pop of color when you need it to brighten a neutral look.

Neutral Two 2016- Neutral Two repeats our core neutral colors in both medium weight and handkerchief weight 100% linen.  Nine Iron has been retired from spring to make room for Herb, a favorite from UnderFLAX that is a soft, army shade.  While Denim is back in our lightweight yarn dyes (two or three thread colors woven together), we welcome Asphalt (black and natural threads that you might recognize from Sunshine '15 as Licorice) and the deep hued Oxblood which is blood red and black threads together.  

Harmony 2016- Harmony breathes new life into your favorite FLAX classics with neutral shades in gorgeous textures of 100% linen.  Twill is super-soft and lightweight and gets a subtle stripe pattern from strips of a looser weave as well as natural threads, both running vertically down the fabric.  Tweed is a heavier weight with nubs of the same natural threads to give it a beefier texture.  Finally, Plaid is the same soft fabric as last year's Harmony Plaid and our lovely scarves.  The denim shade in the scarf is a lighter dustier shade but still coordinates beautifully.

Urban FLAX Summer 2016 Urban FLAX Summer is the same great mix of 100% handkerchief weight crinkled linen with accents and trim in 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex Knit or "dressed up" tees in 100% cotton slub knit with 100% handkerchief weight linen details.  This collection is garment dyed so the dye takes to each fabric differently for a subtle shade variation that adds to the urban feel of this collection.  FLAX has kept all the same colors from spring and added tow shades of blue that are must haves for summer!  Dusk is a dark, dusty toned blue while Twilight is a more heavily saturated shade that is slightly brighter. 

Socials 2016- Socials comes in three different styles of fabric that are all 100% Linen. The Four solid lightweight colors are Owl (chocolate brown), Swan (an off-white), Dove (a blue-based grey) and Raven (black). They are complimented by four Windowpane Gauze fabrics. All four Gauze fabrics are sheer and delicate and are meant to be worn loose and layered. Owl Windowpane Gauze has Owl threads woven together Swan threads. Swan Windowpane Gauze is all Swan threads. Dove Windowpane Gauze has Dove threads together with Swan. Raven Windowpane Gauze is Raven threads woven in with Dove ones. The last three fabrics are fun new polka dot faced gauzes; while this fabric is reversible in nature, the styles will not be truly reversible. Instead, this fabric provides a bit of contrast when sleeves are rolled up. Owl Dot is Owl based with Swan jacquard dots, Dove Dot is Dove based with Swan jacquard dots, and Raven Dot is Raven Based with Dove jacquard dots.

Sunshine 2016- Sunshine comes in three different types of fabrics this year that are all 100% Linen. There are five solid lightweight Washed fabrics that have a softened appearance and texture. These colors are Marina Washed (medium blue), Whitecap Washed (optic white), Caviar Washed (a lighter version of Nine Iron), Oyster Washed (a softer beige than Natural), and Salmon Washed (dusty, salmon pink). The Washed linens are all accompanied by lovely yarn-dyed gauzes: Marina Gauze, Whitecap Gauze, Caviar Gauze, Oyster Gauze, and Salmon Gauze. Each Gauze is woven together with threads of white. There are also three subtle Plaids to round off this collection. Marina Plaid is Marina, a deeper shade of blue, and white woven together. Caviar Plaid has Caviar, Oyster, and White woven together, while Salmon Plaid has Salmon, White, and subtle Marina threads.

Tees & Leggings 2016- FLAX 2016 Tees are all 100% Slub Knit Cotton. The tees come in eight solid colors: White (Bright White), Black, Otter (Faded Chocolate), Cornflower (Periwinkle), Faded Indigo (Dark Teal), Barn (Deep Red), Willow (Grass Green) and Citronella (Mustard Yellow). FLAX 2016 Leggings are all 90% Cotton/10% Spandex. They come in four solid colors: Antique White, Black, Nine Iron (dark grey), and the newest color Blackberry (Black based Purple). The sizing of Tees and Leggings is more like standard store sizing. The Tunic Tee and ¾ Sleeve Tunic now both come in the Generous size.

Urban 2016- Edgy and modern but still so FLAXY, Urban is a fresh new concept marrying handkerchief weight crinkled linen with cotton jersey knit. The styles offered in Black and Cement (Gunmetal Grey) are made predominantly of 100% Crinkled Linen with 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex Knit trim at the neckline, waistband, cuff or pocket edges. Others are upscale, funky tee shirt designs that are mostly 100% Slub Knit Cotton with fun seaming details and 100% Crinkled Linen trim all offered in Black, Steel (Blue based grey) or true White. Please keep in mind, this entire collection is garment dyed so there will be some variations in coloring and possibly even size.  The linen is crinkled and designed to be worn that way, if you steam it, the length and size may increase slightly.

Bold 2016- The solid fabrics in this collection come in 100% linen and are very vibrant. The solids are Turquoise (Blue Green), Lime (Yellow Green), White (Bright White), Coral (Pink Orange), Raspberry (Berry Pink) and Black. The Seersucker fabrics are a new addition to the BOLD collection and have a textured surface consisting of puckered and flat sections in a vertical striped pattern. They are: Turquoise Seersucker (Blue and Green striping), Sour Apple Seersucker (Lime Green and Turquoise striping), Pineapple Seersucker (Yellow and Lime Green striping), Watermelon Seersucker (Coral and Raspberry striping), Cream Soda Seersucker (Light Taupe and Dark Sand) and Licorice Seersucker (Black and White striping). The Seersuckers are more expensive and offered only in select styles. You’ll have fun mixing and matching these fabrics to make a truly BOLD statement!

Neutral 2016- The core neutral colors that everyone loves are back! Nine Iron, Cream, Natural and Black come in both Medium and Handkerchief weight linen for this 2016 collection. Three new yarn dyed fashion colors have been added in a lightweight of linen. Blush is mixed with threads of soft pink and cream. Denim is mixed with threads of navy and medium blue similar to a dark denim wash. Chambray is mixed with threads of icy blue and cream. Chambray, Denim and Blush are more expensive. All fabrics are 100% linen.

UnderFLAX 2016 - a lovely mix of familiar favorites and feminine new styles that are sure to please. Black, Milk (off white), Natural (beige), and Watercress (clover green) are back. The new fabrics include Endive (yellow with a hint of green), Lavender (light purple), Elderberry (muted grape), Tourmaline (light teal), Bluestone (dark teal), and Herb (dark army green). As well as beautiful new woodcut block print designs. Watercress Woodcut consists of Endive and Watercress. Lavender Woodcut is of Lavender and Elderberry. Bluestone Woodcut mixes Tourmaline and Bluestone. Natural Woodcut consists of Natural and Herb. This is a collection that is 100% softened Handkerchief weight of linen. All Woodcut fabrics are more expensive. The new woodcut block print inspired pattern will coordinate with the solids but will not match exactly.


FLAX 2015:

In-Motion '15- A mix of textures and weights all in varying shades of Black, In Motion offers endless ways to layer which makes this collection seasonless.  French Terry is 95% Rayon/ 5% Spandex for just the right amount of stretch in a soft, slinky material that is thick enough top provide really good coverage. Mesh is 100% Nylon and completely sheer but again, quite stretchy and designed only for layering. Marled Gauze is a 51% linen/ 49% cotton blend that is softer than other FLAX gauzes and almost quilted in texture.

Sunshine '15- So fun and fresh that you'll want to wear it all year round. With the fabulous colors, mix of old and new styles, Sunshine Flax is sure to brighten up your wardrobe this summer. Beautiful colors and rich texture make this entire 100% Linen collection unique and not to be missed. Two solid lightweight linen fabrics in this collection are - Midnight (dark navy) and White (true white). The Yarn Dye fabric is woven together with two different thread colors making an interesting texture. Pepper Yarn Dye is mixed with threads of grey and white. Grass Yarn Dye is woven with threads of two shades of green similar to clover and grass green. Hydrangea Yarn Dye is threaded with blue and purple. Midnight Yarn Dye is a mix of dark navy and white. Red Pepper Yarn Dye is threaded with orange and red. Marigold Yarn Dye is woven with threads of yellow and orange. Licorice Yarn Dye is a mix of black and white threads. Peony Yarn Dye is a mix of shades of pink. The Gauze fabrics are in similar shades: Grass (Shamrock Green), Hydrangea (Light Periwinkle), Midnight (Dark Navy), Peony (Baby pink), Red Pepper (Red Orange) and Pepper (Light Grey).


Bold '15- The solid fabrics in this collection come in both 100% linen and voile (58% linen/42% cotton). The solids are Tomato Soup (vibrant orange toned red), Bamboo (muted golden yellow similar to 2012's "corn silk"), White, Grape Juice (purple), Mallard (teal), Ocean Blue (bright blue), and Black. Grape Juice Tattersall incorporates both Grape Juice and Tomato Soup. Mallard Tattersall has Mallard as well as Grape Juice, Ocean Blue has both Ocean Blue and Mallard, and Black Tattersall has both Black and White. All Tattersall fabrics are a more opaque gauze but a similar texture and are more expensive than the solids.  Voile is sheer like gauze but has a softer hand to it.

Tees & Leggings '15- FLAX 2015 Tees are all 100% Slub Knit Cotton. The tees come in six solid colors: Ivory (off-white), Black, White, Ink (navy), Chipmunk (warm light brown), and Fox (light grey). FLAX 2015 Leggings are all 90% Cotton/10% Spandex. They come in five solid colors: Antique White, Cobblestone (taupe), Black, Nine Iron (dark grey), and Navy. The sizing of Tees and Leggings is different than that of FLAX's linen products. The Tunic Tee will be the only generous option. Leggings and Ankle Length Leggings now come in XS.